A Change of Scenery

I’m always looking for ways of making my life easier, and that includes–especially–the management and care of my website(s). These past few months I’ve been tinkering and shifting my blog, WordObsession.net, and my writing site, NonaKing.com, to an all-in-one site located at AngelBreathBooks.com. The site is named after my publishing label established back in 2009.


The shift has been rather painless, and it has been fun to tinker with the new bells and whistles on the new site, which is hosted through my domain registrar, econonames.com. Hosting is free since I’ve purchased my domain through them. In fact, I’ve purchased 11 domains through them, but that’s a later story. Even if it wasn’t free, hosting a WordPress Site through EconoNames.com is only $3.99 per month, which is a pretty good deal.

What is the best thing about the move? The ease of updates, social sharing, and posting to say nothing of the added features available to me because of hosting it on my domain registrar and because I use WordPress as the platform.

Once my hosting for NonaKing.com lapses in July, the merge will be complete and whether you type wordobsession.net or nonaking.com, you’ll find your way to my site. Hurrah!

You should take a moment now to subscribe to my site, AngelBreathBooks.com!

Nona King

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